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Parkdale Butter

Bloggers Fave's: Cafe Bundle Curated by Samantha Bianco

Bloggers Fave's: Cafe Bundle Curated by Samantha Bianco

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This specially curated bundle is for the café lovers out there. It features 3 natural products that are inspired by the richness and scents of a coffee house! 

Espresso Face Balm: 

Caffeine-infused 100% natural formula

Reduces redness and inflammation

Increases skin elasticity and fights signs of aging with lecithin and vitamin E ⁣

⁣No water, preservatives, perfumes or dyes - Just the good stuff!⁣

Green Tea Rich Hydration Balm:

We have infused organic shea butter, coconut oil and non-GMO soy butter with a high-quality green tea extract, making a rich, easily absorbed, natural and organic body lotion with almost no scent. In fact, this product is highly recommended for people who have an aversion to scented products. 

We have also added naturally derived vitamin E to this formula for its effective skin healing properties. Designed to not only heal, but also protect, this all-natural body lotion is essential for dry, cracked skin.


True Brew Exfoliating Soap Bar:

True Brew Exfoliating Soap is made with organic soap, using organic coconut oil as the base. We add cold-pressed Coffee Seed Essential Oil as well as ground organic coffee, to make a soap that smells invigorating and provides natural exfoliation. This mildly coffee scented soap is gentle enough to use every day. 

Here's what Samantha had to say about this spectacular bundle she curated:

Parkdale Butter and I have teamed up to bring you the official Parkdale Butter Café Bundle! I love these three products as much as I love my morning coffee! Here's why.

The Espresso Firming Face Balm is wonderfully delicious! Parkdale Butter created a product with the alluring yet subtle scent of coffee! I love to begin and end my day with a light application of this whipped balm, that sets into the skin beautifully.

The Green Tea Rich Hydration Balm is my favourite body balm. It is unscented and perfect for my skin, without causing any irritation. I use directly after a shower or bath, and apply to my entire body. My skin left feeling silky smooth and hydrated all day!

To complete the trio, I am excited to announce the return of the True Brew Exfoliating Soap! This soap bar is so special, as it contains organic coffee grounds to exfoliate your skin! I'm so taken back by how fresh and soft my skin feel after using. I will definitely be savoring this bar for as long as I can!

The offical Parkdale Butter Café Bundle is PERFECT for the fall season! Sip your favourite warm tea or coffee while treating your skin to the magnificent natural benefits these café style products have to offer!

Samantha Bianco
@samantha.bianco on Instagram 

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